About ET&T


About The Company

Eckstein Trade & Transport LLC "ET&T" was formed in 2022 by Kasey Eckstein and shortly thereafter Jenna Gaudet joined the team. 
After years of experience selling Inland Barge Freight and Horsepower Charters for large inland operators, such as Marquette Transportation and Ingram Barge Company, Eckstein decided to start her own firm. Eckstein was quickly joined by Jenna Gaudet, who brings 10+ years of financial experience in the inland barge industry (and she is the WIMOs co-Founder). Eckstein and Gaudet decided to add the recruitment piece to ET&T's list of services due to years of Maritime employers reaching out to them with requests for quality female candidates with Maritime experience, (due to WIMOs). You can learn more about their success with WIMOs here
ET&T provides freight brokerage services and recruitment services for companies in the Maritime Industry. ET&T is here to Bridge The Gap.

What Makes Us Different?

The ET&T network is broad, large and trusted. Due to our team's many years' of experience working on the operator's side of the business, we have a unique perspective and we know which companies are best suited to meet your logistical needs. This knowledge helps us to create efficiencies for our clients that not every broker company can offer. 
Our team also works with diversified quality female candidates experienced in Maritime (shoreside and mariners) with work experience in a variety of fields. The ET&T approach is unique because our outreach is warm and personal. Unlike those cold and impersonal LinkedIn recruiter messages that are regularly ignored, ET&T's team typically already knows the candidate personally. Our female network is comprised of women from 170+ Maritime companies and continues to grow rapidly. 


About the Team:

Eckstein Trade & Transport LLC "ET&T" was formed in 2022 by Kasey Eckstein (pictured on the Left). Kasey is the third generation of her family to work in the Maritime Industry. She is a change agent with over a decade of industry experience working in various roles and specializing in Maritime Transportation. Kasey's experience working for major operators such as Marquette Transportation and Ingram Barge Company gave her the knowledge and network needed to help her clients diversify their workforce and supply chain.
Eckstein's career in the maritime industry began in 2014 when she started selling barge freight at Marquette Transportation. Marquette is a company that Kasey's grandfather, Ray Eckstein, founded and she realized that she was given many opportunities that other women in the industry were not. In 2017, Kasey founded WIMOs Association, which is an organization for Women In Maritime Operations. WIMOs provides ET&T with the network necessary for helping companies find female talent in all areas of the Maritime Industry. In 2019, Kasey took a break from her career to travel solo around the world. She visited 15 countries in 5-months and that experience furthered her desire to increase diversity in the industry that she knows and loves. 
Kasey currently sits on the Advisory Board for Breakbulk Americas, was a 2021 recipient of Marine Log Magazine's Top Women in Maritime, was the youngest Director to ever sit on the board of the Mississippi Valley Trade & Transport Council and she was the youngest recipient of the Inland Marine Expo's 40 Under 40 award in 2018. 

Eckstein Family History:

Kasey Eckstein's family has been operating in the barge industry since the 50's. In 1958, Kasey's grandfather, Ray Eckstein, founded Wisconsin Barge Lines, a switch boat operation that he transformed into a bulk commodity carrier. Throughout the 60s, Wisconsin Barge flourished under the helm of Ray Eckstein, whose fleet of tugboats and hopper barges couriered a steady flow of commerce from port to port. When he later sold the company, Ray was asked to stay behind the wheel of the operation, which he did until the late 70s.
In 1978, Ray christened his new transportation company Marquette Transportation. Marquette is still in operation today as one of the largest barge lines in the U.S. and it is where Kasey Eckstein got her start in Maritime in 2014. Kasey has since worked for other operators, such as Ingram Barge Line, which is the largest barge line in the world. 

Jenna Gaudet's Bio & Maritime Family History

ET&T is also run by ET&T Executive Vice President, Jenna Gaudet (on left)
Jenna Gaudet’s maritime career began with her family business, St. John Fleeting, LLC "SJF", in 2010. SJF was formed in 1983, although her family’s endeavors in the maritime business began well before that time. Jenna's grandfather got his start in the industry working for NILO Barge Line in 1966 and moved to New Orleans with the company shortly thereafter. The first of his many business ventures started with a mobile repair and washing facility in 1976, and eventually grew into the well respected and successful family business that St. John Fleeting is today. 
Gaudet got her start with SJF as a nighttime dispatcher, and although the maritime industry had always been a part of her life, this is where she fell in love with it. She was eager to learn the foundations of the business and continued to dispatch until 2012 when she was promoted to CFO of SJF. She continued to run the financial department at SJF for nine years. During her time with SJF, she gained knowledge not only in the financial matters of the industry but also in the insurance and contract sectors. 
Gaudet met Eckstein during one of those negotiations in 2015 when Eckstein was working for Marquette Transportation Company. The duo became fast friends after the contract was signed in 2016. Together in 2017 they formed a non-profit, WIMOs Association, which is dedicated to the education, engagement, and elevation of women in the Maritime Industry. In 2021, Jenna left SJF to pursue other endeavors outside the Maritime Industry. In the end, her attachment to the industry and friendship with Eckstein brought her back home, and she joined Eckstein Trade & Transport LLC as a partner in September 2022.  
Learn more about Jenna Gaudet & Kasey Eckstein's first business venture, WIMOs Association, HERE