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Want to make your business more attractive to diverse candidates, or upcoming generations? You're in the right place.

ET&T is here to help your company build an employer brand to attract diverse candidates to your company.We offer tailored consulting services for companies in the Maritime Industry.

Why should you want a diverse workforce?

It is estimated that 75% of the workforce will be made up of millennials by 2025. This, coupled with the introduction of Gen Z into the workforce, means that the needs of your employees are changing drastically. What the next generation wants from a role is distinctly different from that of previous generations. As adaptable as they are driven, these generations also tend to be more transient, often spending a much shorter spell in jobs than generations before them. Turnover hurts the bottom line. It’s crucial to understand how these generations are different, as well as how they view your company brand, in order to attract and retain them.
Studies show that millennials and Gen Z workers highly value a company culture that aligns with their own values. Diversity is one of these values. Fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion in your workplace will not only make your company more attractive to the new generations, it benefits your business as well: Research by Fortune has shown that companies in the top quartile of diversity are 35% more likely to have above-average industry returns. A study from Bersin by Deloitte that found over a 3-year period, diverse companies see 2.3 times the cash flow per employee when compared to their less diverse peers.

Why ET&T?

The President of ET&T, Kasey Eckstein, is a female millennial who has worked for employers in the Maritime Industry for almost a decade. Eckstein is also the Founder & Executive Director of WIMOs Association which is a nonprofit organization for Women in Maritime Operations. ET&T has the perspective and industry experience necessary to provide your company with a valuable and tailored consulting approach in order to get your company on the right track to attracting and retaining diverse talent and the upcoming generations. ET&T can work with any budget. Learn more here

It is imperative that the Maritime Industry adapts to the needs of today's ever-changing workforce in order to attract new talent to ensure the longevity of this great Industry. 

Not sure where to begin?

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